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Heritage Library Research Native American Indian

Heritage Library Research Native American Indian

American Indian

Over the past years, the ultimate records that have served as the best possible tools for research purpose in the field of genealogy are stored in microfilm reels.
The National Archives holds information about American Indians who maintained their ties to Federally-recognized Tribes (1830-1970). Most records are arranged by tribe.
Some sources could actually be found from closets of the individual's libraries or their parents'.The individual should also interview his relatives who are alive, to get information about his ancestors, their names, and their living style during their times. After all, these would sum up to become large and detailed source to study the respective genealogy.
To add to somber thought , is the financial aspect. The old method of genealogy tracing is very expensive. That tracing process requires much investment.
The entry of the internet into the field of genealogy has a massive technological advantage. Although many people just do not have the time to devote the many hours of internet searching and even so it is not an absolute and that you will find your relative there.
We have assisted hundreds of searchers over the years as we built our extensive library collection. We are now attempting to review the many books by old writers and the archived Indian rolls and censuses to present them to family researches.

Our goal is to archive the most inexpensive method as possible in getting research information to you the family researcher.The price shown reflects many hours of compiling information and is much less than our cost in time.

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This research material may be purchased in a very simple & inexpensive way.

1-Click the buy now button (be sure your email address is correct ), as the material will be sent as an email attachment.

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4-Please note All are Email Attachments except, In Search of Native American Indian Ancestors CD , This is a CD ROM and will be mailed to you.Please Email us with your shipping address.

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List of affordable research material

Chapman - Siler Rolls
Two Eastern Cherokee rolls
The Chapman Roll was taken in 1851 by Alfred Chapman . This roll followed almost immediately after the Siler Roll, it was a result of many complaints by various Cherokees of having been omitted by Siler
It is best to view the two rolls together. Siler added interesting family information on many of the enrollees - who was married to whom, who a child belonged to, full-blood, mixed, or white married to Cherokee. By studying the two rolls together you get a more complete picture of the families.
4 Indian schools and Academy's w/student names
Choctaw Academy 1938
Charity Hall Chickasaw School.
Wapanucka Academy, Chickasaw Nation
Choctaw academy 1932-37
1860 & 1870 Neshoba Co. Miss.U.S.Census
1870 Leake Co. Miss.Census

This material Contains the full 1860 - 1870 U.S. census Neshoba County Miss.
The 1870 Leake county Mississippi U.S. census
Plus extracted Indian names from the 1870 Neshoba County U.S Census.

Neshoba County, meaning wolf in the Choctaw language, is located in the east central part of the state of Mississippi.
Chapman - Siler Rolls 4 Indian schools and Academy's 1860 & 1870 Neshoba Co. Miss.U.S.Census
1870 Leake Co. Miss.Census
coming soon-
Cherokee Baptist Academy- 1903 student & staff roster.
Fort Lewis & Grand junction industrial school-1900 school roster
1916 Reeves report Mississippi Choctaw roster , student names & guardian
Missouri Marriages
Barry County Missouri Marriage records 242 pages

Audrain co.Mo.marriage records - bride & groom. 264 pages

Caldwell County Missouri - 1883 Caldwell Co. pensioners roll Caldwell County, Missouri, Marriages 1845-1922

Benton County Missouri Marriages 1839-1865 - 1865-1873 - 1881-1888 - 1888-1893 - 1897-1901- 453 pages

Grandmothers feathered Symbols Sacred Spirit Guides .
After many requests we have composed and put into a collection sacred winged symbols (Birds)their names and connection

A prehistory from the Mississippian Indian culture and current concepts connected to Owls, Hawks , Eagles , and many other feathered symbols,animal spirit guides and how they related to the individual.

Cherokee Missouri Marriages Grandmother's sacred feathered symbols

Was designed to be used in research library setting , you can now have for your home use

Over 350 pages and thousands of American Indian family names on CD ROM, mixed and full blood, giving families listed on various records and census
For the States of Arkansas - Louisiana Mississippi - Oklahoma .

coming soon
In Search of Native American Indian Ancestors CD soon coming soon

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