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Welcome to Hanson: Backstage Pass

Last Updated: July, 6th, 1999

Hey all, I added a new some new rare pictures, so be sure to check those out, some cool ones in there, I also made a new main picture, hope you like it!
: )
Oh yah, I also added a new pic of the moment!

I still need some sister sites, so email me if you want to become one, and could I ask of one thing, could you guys PLEASE sign the guestbook, no one is signing it anymore, and its really not a big deal, I will return a signing in your guestbook if you sign mine!

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Pic of The Moment

Thanks to the following sites for some of these pictures Hanson In The North Pole , Hanson House, Hanson Hotel, Memories From Albertane, All Access: Your Backstage Pass to Hanson, thanks so much you guys, for all the great pics.!