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Ataxia Classifications - references for the different types of Ataxias.
National Ataxia Foundation - A nonprofit organization established in 1957 with the primary mission of encouraging and supporting research into Hereditary Ataxia.
*New* Ataxia Chat 2002 - "A MSN community to join for those with ataxia and their family and friends, and participate by joining the chat room, adding your member profiles, birthdays, favourite web links, etc.
E-NAF Bulletin Board - Ataxia BB...Your online conversationspace!
E-NAF Chatroom - Each evening at 9 PM EST, 2 AM GMT....Monday at 1 PM CST, 7 PM GMT
InterNAF [International Network of Ataxia Friends] - computer support list
LOFRDA Application - an email support group list for individuals who have late-onset Friedreich's Ataxia [and other late-onset ataxians]
FAPG - Friedreich's Ataxia Parents Group is an international internet mailing list and website for parents of children with Friedreich's ataxia or otherc childhood onset ataxia.
Aparenting List - an email support group list for for parents who have Ataxia and/or their spouses.
Ataxia NetFirms - Misc. Ataxia information links.
Ataxianet - all about ataxia in Portuguese, from Brazil
FAYP - an email support group list for younger people with Friedreich's (or any other diagnosed or undiagnosed) Ataxia.
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