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Cult Against Child Neglect Association

child: n young human being; son or daughter
neglect: v.t pay insufficient or no attention to; fail to take proper care of; omit (to do something)

As a teenager growing up in todays' society I find it absolutely unacceptable and sad that I should be neglected by my parents. I deserve the right to not go hungry. I deserve the right to be able to afford going out and to have a nice clean home without the maggots. I deserve a working toilet. I demand the right to be able to look after my own fish.

It would take me years to explain to you the extent of the neglect my parents have inflicted upon me. I have better things to do and being the proud founder of the CACNA is one of them.

The CACNA is a small organisation aimed at exposing child neglect. The only profit we receive is the satisfaction that we are doing something to help this worthy cause. Money donations from friends, however, would not go unappreciated. To join the CACNA please see below under the heading HOW TO JOIN.

Being an efficient person, I have also managed to incorporate my own cult into the CACNA. It is not compulsory to become a member of this cult if you wish to join for child neglect purposes.
The CACNA cult is the indirect result of child neglect and the direct result of not going to church.
I don't have a problem with not going to church, just as I don't have a problem with the people who do. Unfortunately certain church-goers seem to have to have a very big problem with this. It would appear that religious beliefs are actually irrelevant* to the situation, it's just the principle of the matter that has upset some people.
The CACNA cult is quite pointless and serves no purpose other than to piss off my parents. To join this cult please see below under the heading HOW TO JOIN.

*because of this it is as yet undecided as to whether or not the CACNA cult will be satanic


please select a banner of your choice from above and place it on your webpage (preferably somewhere where you can see it.) Link the banner to this page:

and then send me a (nice) email at with the word CACNA somewhere in the subject (anything else will be ignored.) Be sure to include your webpage address in the email, as well as any comments or suggestions you might have. As thanks for the help and support you will be giving for this worthy cause, we will in return place a link from this page to yours.
From the bottom of my neglected heart, thank you for taking the time to care. And please always remember that here at CACNA we understand your pain.



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