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Here are a few programs which have been written for Acorn RISC OS computers, the are compressed with !Arcfsr/w and can also be decompressed with !Spark(plug).

Some are not completely finished but are still useful and you may wish to develop them. Please write to me at

Key to symbols


RISC OS 2.00+


RISC OS 2.00+ (RISC OS 2 needs squash module)


RISC OS 3.00+


RISC OS 3.10+

But now we have RISC OS 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 4... These programs should work, but I have no way of testing them, but they should work anyway.

The Programs

[!Abase] Download

[R3] Size: 7KB

!Abase : A small conversion allowing conversions from any BASIC expression including binary, hexadecimal and trig functions to Decimal (with fractional part), Binary and Hexadecimal. It also lets you set the configuration flag for solid drags (In RISC OS 3 it affects !Edit, !Paint, etc but not filer, automatic in RISC OS 3.50+).

[BASCal] Download

[R2] Size: 3KB

BASCal: A small BASIC file that is fast any year calendar from 4 billion BC to 4 billion AD. There are a few problems but it is good for a laugh.

[!Dataload] Download

[R3.1] Size: 18KB

!DataLoad: A program which allows you to specify filetypes which are loaded into !Edit or similar when you double-click on them, stopping "No run action specified for this file" or the similar. It also allows you to set filetypes to block loading altogether. And lastly lets you to create new BASIC files in !Edit without using the menu. It consists of a module and an easy to use (hopefully) front end.

[!DavidAd] Download

[R3] Size: 53KB

!DavidAd: A (simple) WIMP Interactive Fiction interpreter with graphics from !Draw, which allows adventures to be created as a series of files. There are two (unfinished, but large) example games one with and one without pictures. Games can also be saved. More commands can be added on request.

[!DavidGame3] Download

[R3.1] Size: 43KB

!DavidGame3 (demo): A demo of a interesting little game I worte, It's quite fun and it is made so most people should be able to finish it. The keys though are a bit strange!

[!DavidRPG2] Download

[R3] Size: 79KB

!DavidRPG2 : As seen on August 1998 Acorn User cover disc: An adventure interpreter, with example files and a tutorial. It runs under both the command line and WIMP. This is the latest version and fixes most of the bugs in the Acorn User version and also has compiled files.

[DotGame] Download

[R2] Size: 8KB

DotGame: A little BASIC version of Othello, which has a computer player and a help facility, you can even have the computer playing itself, but this is boring as it always ends the same way.

[!Mouse] Download

[R2] Size: 5KB

!Mouse: Another program which tells you useless information about windows, but also allows you to move the mouse with the keys, wow?

[!Patience] Download

[R3.1] Size: 16KB

!Patience: A new version of patience because the cards in the Acorn version are too small, also with loads of useless options and a timer.

[!Terminal] Download

[R3.1] Size: 28KB

!Terminal: A terminal program and BBC emulator/server, which can communicate via the serial port or PipeFS. It was never needed so may not be finished in some parts but may well be useful as it can be use to communicate and transfer files between two RISC OS computers.

[!Troy] Download

Size: 12KB

!Troy: Version3 release2 of the file encryption/squashing program. RISC OS 2 users need the squash module loaded to squash files.

[!XL] Download

[R3.1] Size: 190KB

!XL: A BASIC like (but in lower case) language, it has multithreading and Assembler (including FP instuctions) built in. Produces small executables that are slightly faster than BASIC. It is here as the assembler part is useful and to inspire others to do better, there is also a version of DavidGame3 demo written in XL.

Disclaimer: Please Read


These programs are supplied 'as seen'. No responsibility is accepted for any damage or loss caused by these programs. Some may not be complete and may not work on a version of RISCOS even though it says so here or in other places, please read any information supplied with the files themselves and follow the licences if any.


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