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The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine

The Site Dedicated To Favorite Shows, yours and mine!

Hello out there, all you TV fans!

Welcome to the one, the only, Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine!

Most of my life has spent generally glued to TV. I'm an obsessed TV addict; I generally go to the library or to the local bookstore and look up TV books which have broadcast history, detailed production credits and complete episode guides, because I wanted to know more about the TV show as well as the TV show itself. Oftentimes I would copy the credits right from the TV screen, or even audio-record either brief snippets or the entire soundtrack of a certain TV episode (drove my parents nuts!). My obsessive love for some general TV shows proved to be so great I have built web shrines to them. And here they are:


The world's first and only known web site devoted solely to the preservation and perpetuation of Hanna-Barbera's 1975 New Tom & Jerry Show, the first animated TV series based upon the iconic Academy Award-winning cat-and-mouse comedy team! Included is a complete episode guide along with pictures, multimedia and extensive info on the characters who co-starred with T&J in 1975 & 1976: The Great Grape Ape & Lt. Mumbly.

A comprehensive guide to The Monkees' filmed work, on TV and the big screen. Includes extensive data on the original 1965 pilot episode, the 1966-68 NBC-TV show, 1968 movie, and 1969 (NBC) and 1997 (ABC) TV specials, as well as Saturday Afternoon retelecasts on CBS and ABC, and transcripts to their original TV commercials and episode interview segments.

THE FALCON'S LAIR: The Unofficial Guide To Dynomutt Dog Wonder
An in-depth look @ the world's clumsiest superhero canine sidekick!

The ABC Password Page
A tribute to the lost 1971-75 ABC Daytime revival of the Goodson-Todman war of the words, Password! (Archived)

The Game Show Ads Gallery
- An exhibit of TV Guide ads heralding the debuts of your favorite TV game shows! (Archived)

The CBS Joker's Wild Datasheet
- Virtually everything you need to know about the original 1972-75 CBS Daytime version of the Jack Barry game show The Joker's Wild.


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Via The Internet Archive, see how The TV Web Shrine gestated and grew over the years as it transferred from one webserver to another. Enjoy!

(April 20, 1998—October 8, 2001)

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Concieved, edited, researched, cross-checked and written by Aaron Handy III.

The New Tom & Jerry Show 1975 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. and Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.
The Monkees The Rhino Entertainment Company.
Dynomutt Dog Wonder 1976 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.
This particular version of Password 1971-75 Peak Productions, The Password Company, The American Broadcasting Company, Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions, Mark Goodson Productions L.L.C., Pearson Television and Freemantle Media.
This particular version of The Joker's Wild 1972-75 Jack Barry Productions, CBS Television, and Sony Pictures Television.

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