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The Facts

The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest sources of employment in the United States and the world. By many accounts, travel and tourism are considered to be our country's largest service industries. This industry will require twenty-four million additional trained workers by the year 2000.

At the same time, today's young people need to see the connection between their education and the workplace. They look to educators for guidance and motivation in preparing for rewarding careers. Business and education are working together to insure success in the workplace. The challenge is to successfully prepare students to enter the workforce and to be productive individual in today's global society.

The Academy instructors and the Administration of West Jefferson High School, with the help of our business partners, look forward to meeting this challenge.


Business Partners

The success of the Hospitality Travel & Tourism Academy depends on the combined commitment of the leaders in the business, education and government. Partners may assist the Academy in many ways:

• Serve as advisory board members.

• Develop and provide paid internships for academy students.

• Assist with curriculum development.

• Endorse and support academy initiatives.


Benefits of Partnerships

• An improvement in the quality of education

• A well-prepared workforce with a positive attitude toward providing service.

• A highly motivated group of potential employees.

• An opportunity for staff to actively commit to community service.

• A leadership role in sculpting the industry's future


Academy of Hospitality Travel & Tourism Courses

• Strategies for Success

• Introduction to Travel & tourism

• Destination Geography for Travel & Tourism

• System Applications


Program Design

• A two year hospitality and tourism sequence of courses.

• A six-to-eight week paid internship.

• An Industry-based advisory board and an on-site educational team working together to shape and guide the Academy.

• Familiarization tours of industry sites and frequent interaction with business leaders.

• Mentoring/shadowing experiences.


West Jefferson Academy of Hospitality Travel & Tourism would like to thank:


Anthony Genovese, Instructor


Josline Gosserand Frank

Academy Director


504-341-7096 fax

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