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Uxoria Records

Hi and welcome to Uxoria Records!I've been collecting albums and singles for years and have decided to sell part of my collection.I will update this site with new records every week or so.E-mail me at the address at the bottom of this page if there's anything you'd like or if you need any info about a record you see here.I've tried to grade each one to the best of my ability.Most are very good plus to mint.

Here's my 45 list first.I have several very rare surf and early rock records on this list.All are set sale.Any questions,e-mail me.

1) Annette--Vista F-362-Pineapple Princess/Luau Cha Cha Cha ~$5.00~

2) Cooke,Pete & The Babydolls--Logo-503 (This Is Your Last Kiss) Take It and Git/Home On The Range(2 copies-blue wax) ~$10.00~

3)Cornerstone Trio--Logo 504-Let the Love Light Shine/Summertime ~$10.00~

4) Davies,Cyril & The R&B Allstars--Dot 45-16515-Chicago Calling/Country Line Special ~$20.00~

5)The Fendermen--Soma1137-Mule Skinner Blues/Torture ~$10.00~

6) Ginger Valley--International Artists IA-142 (DJ copy)-Country Life/Ginger (Green Wax) ~$10.00~

7) Hollywood Argyles--Lute L-5905-Alley Oop/Sho' Know A Lot About Love ~$7.00~

8) King Coleman--Togo 603-The Mash Potato Man/Beleive It Or Not (2 copies-Blue Wax) ~$10.00~

9)The Outlaws--Dot 45-16512-Hold Up/Somethin' Else (2 copies) ~$10.00~

10) The Parkettes--Ludix 105-El Matador/The Peg ~$10.00~

11) Rios,Augie & The Notations--Shelley SH 181-I've Got A Girl/There's A Girl Down The Way ~$15.00~

12) The Rip Chords--Columbia 4-42812-Gone/She Thinks I Still Care ~$25.00~

13) The Rumblers--Downey D-114 (Promo)-Night Scene/Night Scene ~$10.00~

14) The Rumblers--Dot 45-16480-Angry Sea (Waimea)/Bugged ~$15.00~

15) The Story Tellers--Dimension D-1014-Time Will Tell/When Two People (Are In Love) (2 copies) w/ Steve Barri ~$15.00~

16) The 13th Floor Elevators--International Artists 107 (Green/Yellow Label)-You're Gonna Miss Me/Try To Hide ~$10.00~

17) The Tokens--RCA 47-7954-The Lion Sleeps Tonight/Tina ~$5.00~

18) Tom & Jerry--Ember E-1094 (Promo)-I'm Lonesome/Looking At You (Early Simon & Garfunkel) ~$40.00~

19) The Tren-Delles--Southtown 45-22001-I'll Be There/Everyday (B-Side Buddy Holly Song) ~$5.00~

20) Usher,Gary And The Usherettes--Dot 45-16518-Three Surfer Boys/Milky Way (Probably Rarest Honeys 45)~$200.00~

21) Larry Verne--Era 3024-Mr.Custer/Okeefenokee Two Step ~$5.00~

22) Winter,Johnny--Todd 45-1084-Road Runner/The Guy You Left Behind ~15.00~

Here is my list of albums.


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