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Info About Timon

Some general info about Timon:

Name: Timon Berkowitz

Best friends: Pumbaa the warthog and Simba the lion

Motto: Hakuna Matata "No worries"

Color of eyes: Brown

Color of hair: Red

Movies: Disney's "The Lion King" and it's sequel "Simba's Pride"

TV series: The Timon and Pumbaa Show

Timon's voice(s):

Nathan Lane (The Lion King & Simba's Pride, T & P) (USA)
Kevin Schon (T & P) (USA)
Pirkka-Pekka Petelius (The Lion King) (Finland)
Antti Pääkkönen (Simba's Pride) (T & P) (Finland)
Ilja Richter (The Lion King & Simba's Pride) (T & P) (Germany)

Timon's past: Timon used to live in a meerkat colony, but he got banished for leaving his job as a guard for a while. Just when he had left, a snake sneaked into the village and snatched princess Tatiana. Everyone thought she was dead, and they threw Timon out. He wandered through the jungle alone, when one day the same hyenas from The Lion King, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed caught him and he ran into their cave. There he met Pumbaa for the first time. They escaped from the hyenas and they became friends. Later, they were walking in the jungle, when they heard screaming. Princess Tatiana! She was still alive, but the evil snake was guarding her. Timon and Pumbaa helped her to escape and Timon could finally return to his colony as a hero! The only "but" was that Pumbaa, who was a warthog, could not be allowed to live in a meerkat colony. Timon couldnt accept this, Pumbaa was now his bestest best friend, so he decided to leave the colony and follow Pumbaa to the carefree bachelor days and to accept a new philosophy we all know so well: Hakuna Matata!

Misc info on Timon: He always carries a blue suitcase on his trips. He once was in love with princess Tatiana but had to leave her behind when he left his colony. He has a blue hat he wears at night and blue slippers. (His favourite color seems to be blue.;)) His favourite food are bugs, and to name a few of his favourites are the little cream-filled kind and the ones with a pleaseant crunch. Watches "Matlock". (According to a T & P episode.) Knows who is Forrest Gump. (According to yet another T & P episode.) Former best friend another meerkat from his colony named Fred.

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