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December 6th
Started up my adoptees page. Go check it out. There's not much there, but there will be!

November 29th
As you can probably guess, green jealousy has not been updated for a long time. And it will not be updated in the near future. However, I'm still keeping it around 'cuz it's the only site that features Esmeraude...

November 20th
Finally got access back to my account. And to demonstrate my thanks to Angelfire for allowing me to manage my account, I'm getting the hell off of this piece of shit for a homepage provider. Bzzzzt. I'll be sure and keep you all posted.

June 30th
Deleted the site and files of Welcome to Nemesis

June 23rd
New diary entry. *gasp*

June 20th
Added new lyrics from Kathy Mar's song entitled 'Doppelganger' to the front page of Micropink.

June 5th
Added the romanji lyrics to 'Mugen No Labyrinth' to Micropink.

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