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Current Anime Sites!

Name: micropink
About: Shrine to Nova of Magic Knight Rayearth
Status: In Progress (70% finished)
Last Update: June 20th

Name: green jealousy
About: Shrine to Esmeraude of Sailor Moon
Status: On Hiatus (90% finished)
Last Update: January 1st, 2001 ^^;; At least it's been updated in *this* particular year!

Name: Welcome to Nemesis or WTN
About: RPG starring the Blackmoon Family
URL: No longer available.
Status: From October 1999 to June 30th 2001
Last Update: June 30th, closed WTN.


10% loveslave -- A shrine to Alcione of Magic Knight Rayearth

Graphics generously provided by Luminessence!