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It all begins with the discovery of mysterious ruins beneath the school..
Meet Makoto Mizuhara, an ordinary Japanese high school student. Katsuhiko Jinnai, obsessive-typed, has somehow gotten it into his head that Makoto is his destined rival, and hatches plot after plot against him. Makoto's never given Jinnai any reason to believe this, but that doesn't stop Jinnai from luring Makoto to the school late one night for his own strange reasons.

Once at the schoolyard, Makoto is summoned by a mysterious woman who shows him the way to El-Hazard, The Magnificient World. Pulled this way and that by the threads of destiny, Makoto and several others venture into this incredible new land. What amazing adventures lie in store?

Sound interesting? Browse around! El-Hazard 2 and AlterWorld isn't up yet.

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