December 10, 1999

Welcome back and I updating before Christmas. Remember to get pokemon stuff on Christmas!Oh yeah, the Gold and silver game just released. I'll have some previews before Christmas. Check out these previews:

These pokemon will be in the game, three new pokemon will be the starting pokemon....find out more in the Gold ans silver game. Some pokemon you already know will still be there like squirtle, togepy or pidgey.

November 10, 1999

Opening of the New Movie. It has Pikachu's Vacation and Mewtwo Strikes Back! Good luck getting into the theaters to watch Pokemon: The First Movie.. it was jam packed when I went but good thing I was ther early. Another great thing about going is that you can get a promo Pokémon card from the movie. The only ones I saw that people had were Electabuzz, Pikachu, Dragonite, and the Ulimate one was Mewtwo!

November 08, 1999

Ohh, lets see.. for the news! Burger King is giving out the Pokémon toys now, starting TODAY! They have Talking Pikachu, light ups, squirters, and many more. Collect all 57 different toys. Also each toy includes a card from the movie plus on the back has information on a pokemon. Go and get some! You need to get a Big kids or kids meal to get it. Also for the 32k Gold Card,you need to buy a value meal. AND REMEMBER! Only 2 more days till MEWTWO STRIKES BACK!


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