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The members of the Little Village shaped some of the greatest music in recent history as producers, writers, singers and musicians,then stepped out from behind the scenes to come together as one of the most exciting bands I ever heard.People might think this a little foolish,spending so much time and effort to create a Web-Site to pay tribute to a group with only one Album or CD, but I think Little Village is worth it. I have collected many records and albums over the years and am very proud of my collection. But one day backs in 1992,while I was in a record store looking for some new music. I heard some music being played over the stores PA systems and the more I listened the more I liked what I heard, it was the NEW DEBUT Little Village CD. And it was at that time I made up my mind that "I wasn't leaving the store without their cd". I later found out that this wasn't the first recording that the foursome had made. So I had to have the John Hiatt CD,"Bring the Family" and Nick Lowe's CD,"Party of One", both CD's were recorded with the Little Village members. And I'm sure if you ever hear the Little Village CD, you will have to have those two CD's also. I have since tried to purchase every CD that any of the members have recorded. Well it's not likely, but I would love to have another CD with John, Nick, Ry and Jim together again as Little Village or any other name. If you read the reviews they are mixed but I love this CD and this group and this my little way of paying tribute to some really solid musicians that can really make some great music together. And If John, Nick Ry or Jim ever visit this Web site, please don't hesitate to sign the guestbook... and all visitors, PLEASE do the same. I would love to have some feedback on Little Village, if you already have the CD or have just purchased it. It can be purchased still at some local music stores or right here from our Links.I found several copies on Ebay if you are interested.Thanks for coming by...& if you want a reunion of Little Village go to John Hiatt's Link and make that known in his guestbook, who knows if enough of us fans let him know,he just might reunite the group for another CD, it's worth a try.If anyone ever finds a copy of the Little Village"LIVE"Concert Video,please email me I would love a copy and I know there are some out there somewhere. "BIG NEWS: LITTLE VILLAGE FANS" JOHN HIATT has re-release "Bring The Family" on DVD Audio w/2 Video Clips,in stores now. "NOTE: I've ADDED: Video Links from YouTube. "BREAKING NEWS: Little Village released "Action in Frisco 2015 CD" available on!

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