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My name is Ron Landy. I live near Sacramento, California.

My professional background includes broadcast journalism, public relations, marketing and telecommunications. I have also been part of "the motion picture industry" as I owned and managed a movie theater.

I was employed for many years as Director of Public Relations for a parimutual wagering facility where the sport of jai-alai is played and in earlier years I worked as a news director for several radio stations. Lately I have been employed by SBC Pacific Bell (the area telephone company).

I have written many songs (some published and recorded). Here is one I wrote recently...which you might say is somewhat autobiographical.

I'm often wandering aimlessly
Never knowing how my life will be
I keep reaching out for dreams that fly by
But schemes that I try
Often do not go right

I just cannot seem to find the key
To the door that holds my destiny
But until I find out what I'm after
I'll just have to
Go on wondering aimlessly

There are times when I will loose my way
Land in disarray
Only to find myself again
But there's so much that I get to see
As I'm wandering aimlessly
copyright Ron Landy

Here is another song of which I am very proud


I am groping through the darkness
I am wandering all alone
And I need a light to guide me
And I need a hand to hold
So I call on you to help me
Only you can bring me home

I feel a hand upon my shoulder
I hear a voice inside my soul
There's direction in my life now
There's a purpose; there's a goal
For I know you're always with me
I feel strong; I feel at home
You're beside me and I'm never all alone
On my own; on my own
copyright Ron Landy

The love of my life is Toniann. We met on-line in July 1995 and even though we were at opposite ends of the country (she in California and me in Florida), a wonderful relationship developed. In 1996 I sold everything I owned and moved 3000 miles to be with her. It's been the best thing I've ever done. More about Toniann


I'm glad that I'm your man
I'm thrilled when you touch my hand
Isn't it oh so grand to have Love in our lives

Before we met there'd be
Nothing for you or me
Now things have changed and we hae love in our lives

Thoughout my life I needed someone sweet to adore
Now that you're mine I know exactly what I'm living for

I plan to spend each day
Loving you in every way
So we can always say we have love in our lives
Love in our lives
copyright Ron Landy

  • Happiness
  • Good health
  • Comfortable Surroundings
  • Love all around me
  • Closeness with God
  • Peace of mind
  • Peace on Earth


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