Touching the Light

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as I would wish it otherwise ;)

WARNING...Possible spoilers for WWE, if you haven't had the great fortune to see that 
episode. (If you are a J/D fan, you haven't experienced J/D UNTIL you've seen that episode.)
Possible 5th season spoiler as well.  You've been warned!

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	He brushed a gentle hand over her clammy forehead.  His touch seemed to still her
nightmares and thrashings, as it had for the past seventeen years.  Seascape eyes opened,
shining even in the dimness of the cell.  "John?"
	A cough and then a pair of arms around her.  "I'm here honey."
	She touched his face in that gentle touch which still made his heart leap.  "I'm
tired John, so tired."
	"I know Delenn, I know baby."  He held her, cradling her head to his chest, rubbing
his cheek against the rigid softness of her bonecrest.  Their closeness gave him a measure
of comfort, small though it was.
	John Sheridan, onetime commander of Babylon 5, former president of the Interstellar
Alliance, and one of the makers of history with the Army of Light, was afraid;  and very
rarely had John Sheridan been afraid of anything.  
	His world, the center of his universe, his gentle, beautiful Delenn was slowly dying.
The woman he had built his entire world around was slowly and painfully leaving him.
	"John, my John, it's alright.  I am not afraid, not if you are here with me."
She brushed a tear from his cheek.  His hair was entirely gray, his face older, but his
eyes, ah, his eyes were still the mirrors of his soul, showing the wondrous innocence and 
kindness she had fallen in love with so long ago.  Delenn nuzzled her face against his neck.
John lifted her chin to stare into those all-knowing green eyes.  "You are so beautiful.
So beautiful and so strong."
	Delenn grabbed his hand, clutching it to her breast.  "No, not as strong as prophecy,
my love."  She coughed, closing her eyes to will away the pain.  "John, do not lie to me.
Am I dying?"
	He held her closer, willing back his anguish, knowing she would not want to see him
in pain, knowing she would not leave this world if he did not want her to.  He didn't.  
John couldn't live without her, but he would not sit and watch his beloved wife writhe in 
agony because of his selfishness.  So for Delenn, he hid his pain...almost.  "Yes."
	His voice choked on the word.  Her fingertips danced across his lips.  "John, do
not fear for me.  I am not afraid; we knew this would be the price.  My only regret is that
I am leaving you, my love."  Tears glistened as they ran down her cheeks.  "You are my
soulmate, my other half.  My soul is empty without you."
	She was in terrible, terrible pain.  The last of Londo's tortures had taken their
final toll on the lovely Minbari.  Her hair was dulled with gray, its rich brown luster
now a memory.  There were lines on the once smooth skin and her gentle mouth was now twisted
in pain.
	"Delenn."  John cradled her to him, feeling the rise and fall of her chest in rhythm
with his.  "My soul will be empty until it rejoins yours."
	Her lips ran over his neck, exploring, remembering, capturing a memory.  "John, you
were supposed to die first; not I.  Lorien said--"
	"Twenty years, Delenn.  It's only been seventeen."
	They clutched each other desperately, desire and love mixed with fear and...hope?
She pulled his head down to meet hers, lips to lips. cheek to cheek, heart to heart.  
"My love, my precious, precious love.  In Valen's name, I wish it were you dying.  I wish I
could take the pain away.  I want no pain for you, John."
	John Sheridan said nothing, staring, memorizing every beautiful line and plane, to 
carry with him until he and Delenn should be together again, in the place where no shadows 
fall.  He kissed her, teeth grazing tongues, tongues touching lips, hands entwining in hair,
groping over breast, squeezing biceps.  Anything to postpone the seperation the two 
soulmates dreaded.  John pulled out of the kiss to gaze into Delenn's eyes, which had seared
themselves into his soul from the minute she had pulled back her hood in the Council 
Chambers so long ago.
	"You are still my reason for living, Delenn.  Don't worry about my pain.  For all
that we've done, accomplished, I can live with the pain until you come back for me.  It's
been a good run, honey."  He pushed a graying lock away from her face.  Her breathing was
becoming shallow and irregular.  He rested his forehead against hers, touching her bonecrest
gently.  "Sleep my Minbari angel, and when you wake up, wait for me."
	Delenn could barely breathe.  That bright haze was slowly drawing her away from 
John.  "John, I love you."
	"I know, honey.  I've always known.  I love you, Delenn.  Wait for me."
One last kiss, one last scar of love upon the soul.  Delenn's green eyes were clear and free
of pain; there was no more pain.  "I will see you in a little while, my love, in the place
where no shadows fall.  My s'lveth (soulmate).  I will wait for you, John."
	A final declaration of love, a final touch; a soul given up.  The One Who Is had
lived her part of the prophecy.  John Sheridan bowed his head, weeping in anguished 
loneliness, holding his wife's empty body.  A soft breeze touched his cheek.
	The cell door opened.  The Centari guards walked in.  John looked up, seeing hate 
and disgust.  He felt Delenn's arms wrap around him as he stood, once more the One Who Will 
Be.  It would not be long.  His beloved Delenn was waiting for him in the place where no
shadows fall.  Her arms wrapped tighter around him as the guards began the ritual beatings
they so enjoyed inflicting.

	And so it ends...