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Erin's Birthday List

Still Under Construction but if you feel like you want give a wonderful gift to a wonderful person, then feel free to do so!

  • The Other Side of the Mirror-Stevie Nicks
  • Rock a Little-Stevie Nicks
  • Street Angel-Stevie Nicks
  • Wild Heart-Stevie Nicks
  • Say You Will-Fleetwood Mac
  • Tusk-Fleetwood Mac
  • Rumours-Fleetwood Mac
  • Songs About Jane-Maroon Five
  • Come Away With Me-Nora Jones
  • Vinyl Albums

  • Bella Donna-Stevie Nicks
  • Rock a Little-Stevie Nicks
  • The Other Side of the Mirror-Stevie Nicks
  • Any single from Stevie Nicks, especially Stop Dragging My Heart Around,
    Blue Denim, Rooms on Fire, Wild Heart, or Edge of Seventeen.
  • Anything from The Doors.
  • Anything from The Who.

  • Books

  • Rubicon-Tom Holland
  • The Beginnings of Rome: Italy and Rome from the Bronze Age to the Punic Wars-TJ Cornell
  • Gods and Legions : A Novel of The Roman Empire-Michael Curtis Ford
  • The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire-Edward Gibbon
  • The Tribune: A Novel of Ancient Rome-Patrick Larkin
  • The Roman Conquest of Italy-Jean-Michael David