Choppy's Family Recipes
for Easy Down-Home Cooking

This site has a lot of recipes from my family and friends that I want to share with all.
Most of these recipes I have cooked and tried, but not all. A good many of these recipes are old
and came from my grandparents. I also am going to have some basic recipes here. Of all
the searching that I have done on the net, I have found very few basic recipes for
common meals that most of us have grown up with. I am going to try to bring some of these
recipes here. So enjoy, and drop me a line if you have any suggestions. If you want to
send me some recipes, e:mail them to me, and if I like your recipes or have a demand for them,
I will put them on here with your name.
Please sign my guestbook, if you don't mind, and thanks for stopping by.

Hello everybody.
For the last year plus I have been promising to update
this page, but life got in the way. Now I have a bit of spare
time on y hands a a bunch of recipes to add. Thanks for all the contributed
recipes and look for them here soon!

Also coming soon, a new section of viewers recipes, and some new recipes.


Breads and Biscuits
This page has some recipes for a few different types of breads and biscuits.

This page has some basic soup recipes that are quick and easy.

Here are some pork, beef, poultry, and fish recipes.
Lots of different meal ideas with these recipes.

From dips to cheese balls. Come and try one of these recipes
for get-togethers or parties.

A few recipes from the southern state of Louisianna.

Cake, pie, cobbler and cookie recipes.
Just about any kind of recipe for your sweet tooth.

Some basic recipes for the most important meal of the day.

What's Choppy cooking today???
Here I am going to be posting recipes of what I am planning to cook.

Viewers recipes
Here are some of the recipes that have been sent to me by visitors of this site.

Check out my recipe links and some other cool links.

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