For those of you that watch Ally McBeal on Monday youíll enjoy this page of Fishisms. If you have a Fishism that isnít listed here.... email it to me.
~"Make enough money and everything else will follow"
~"It's not about winning, it's about winning ugly that matters"
~"Problem is just a bleak word for challenge"
~"Love is an equation, a me and a you derives a we"
~"Parenting is nothing if not selfless"
~"Reunions are meant to allow the more successful graduates to inform the less successful that is what they are, less than. You and I are more than. Especially me. I've got my own firm. I could possibly be the most."
~"One of the keys to life is the fast forward. Every movie has its lousy parts. The trick is to fast forward through. As time passes, you look back and say 'oh that little adultery thing, oh that.' Fast Forward to then, right now, and you are over it."
~"The reason John and I started this firm was because we wanted to go to work everyday where it was fun: make money, throw office parties, a fun place to work. I realize employees will always gripe. Part of an employee is to not like people staring at pretty girls, and not to like tactics to win cases. It is the nature of the employee to complain. There is always some place better. This lawsuit carries the gripe too far. It saps the frun out of it for me. And since fun was the point, anybody who isn't happy, leave. And if ya'll go, we will just have to start another firm. There is always another one."
~"On sex and sexual harrassment, women don't see straight. Women as a rule hate other pretty women. Women as a rule also sympathize with other women victims because they are women. Women want other women to be destroyed, but as women they don't want to be the destroyer themselves."
~"Everyone is alone. It's just easier to take in a relationship."
~"If you don't kiss a girl on the first date, you are a gentlemen. If you don't kiss her by the second, you are gay."
~"Personally, I hate sexual harassment laws. The original force behind them were disgruntled lesbians who felt they were not given the same opportunities. Along with ugly women, who ere jealous of pretty women who got all the breaks in the work force. My cause to action is simple, women are victims. They need special help. Look, at the evolution of these sexual harassment laws. What we are really saying is women really should qualify under the Federal Disablity Act. They are less able. They cannot cope with romance in the office. They cannot contend with having to do a job and have a man smile at them. It is too much. Look where we use to be, first quid pro quo, then hostile enviorment, and now Sienfeld episodes. Women can't take it they bruise too eas ily. The laws are here to protect the weak and most vulernable in society. She is woman, protect her!"
~"We just love to live in a politically correct world, that is so ivolved. Where did we pass a law against common sense? This is a french bistro. When people go there, they go not just to eat but to dine. The ambiance of culture they want to feel elite and sophiscated. A good gay waiter can do that. They have that snobbish little entitlement thing going. People like that." Judge: " Gays are elitest snobs?" Richard: "The waiter kind are. First they are smarter. They grow up reading more books, probably trying to figure out the answer as to why they are homosexual.Plus, they are terrible at sports which gives them more time to study. They are smart, they want to work in the arts. They end up as waiters, way over qualified, bitter, snobby. People have com e to expect this when ordering a fruity wine."
~"Lend me your shoe Georgia. If I wanted to sell this, better to have you model this or me? Everything is about presentation, same for resturants as for shoes. What's inside doesn't count, its how they look. Fishism."
~John: "Are we a joke to the outside world?" Richard: "The outside world just doesn't get the joke. Fishism."
~"The difference between men and women is friction. Friction, friction, friction, orgasm!"
~"Men love any woman they sleep with, it is the ticket to admission. Fishism."
~"Sex for me, when it is right it is right. When it is wrong, it is still right. Fishism."
~"True love means short refractory time. Fishism."
"After women marry and have kids, they don't want any part of a man's penis. The bigger it is, the more of him she doesn't want."

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