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Ok, so here's the story.

On January 14, 1996 my choir, the Theatre Orangeville Youth Singers (T.O.Y.S) got choosen out of 300 other choirs to be a part of

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

During this time there were nine of us who became very close. We called ourselves "The Nine" and gave eachother nicknames that had to do with something in the show. Above is a picture of us, below is a list of who is who and what is their nick name from left to right.

Christina "Standby"

Leslie "Butzy"

Julia "Punch"

Erin "Sims"

Courtenay "Runt"

Sascha "Sas"

Pam "Minnie"

Laura "Plaid"

I am very proud to say we are all still very close friends and we still see eachother all the time.

Thanks for everything guys you really are the best.