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Rent Page for Freaks!~!!!

Hey, hey, hey!!!! Boy have I got some good stuff for you!!!! I have added a Chat room for us freaks to talk in!!! That should be sooo much fun. OK, but on a sad note, Timmy, Sylvia, Amy, Manley, and Simone are leaving with in a month or so!!! I am gonna go crazy without these fabulous people. Oi!! I am also jealous of Emily K., another Bostonian cause she is going to Chicago and I am not. But in two weeks I will be in Toronto seeing Luther!!!! ********************************************************************************************** On a sadder note, I ask you to keep the family and friends of Danielle Trant of Somerville in your prayers. Danielle was a friend of some of my friends who died last Wednesday night. Everyone was saddened by this great loss of a senior class president and a good friend. Also, please donate to the Teen Smaritan Suicide Prevention Program in her name. The address is: 500 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02115 ********************************************************************************************** "There's only now, There's only here, Give in to Love or Live in Fear, No other path, no other way, No Day But Today". ~Another Day. RENT "I've had a knack from way back, at breaking the rules once I learned the Game." Out Tonight. RENT. "TAKE ME FOR WHAT I AM, WHO I WAS MEANT OT BE, AND IF YOU GIVE A DAMN, TAKE ME BABY OR LEAVE ME. A tiger in a cage can never see the sun THIS DIVA NEEDS HER STAGE!. ~ Take Me or Leave Me. RENT ********************************************************************************************** "Well Life is too short so love the one you got, cause you might get run over or you might get shot." ~Sublime "Love's what I got, don't start a riot, You'll feel it when the dance gets hot". ~Sublime ********************************************************************************************** Want to know about me??? I live in a hicksville suburb of Boston (Milton - West Siiiiiide!!!, Tee Hee thanks Andy Finn!) "I've Gotta Get outta here...." I hate Suburbia. It either makes you white trash or a sheltered nobody. But hey that's just my opinion. That's why I get out every free moment. Yeah, I can be kind of a bitch, but hey, who can't be? I obviously love Rent. OK, I am obcessed. I love the theater "This Diva Needs Her Stage baby". I like music and all that good stuff. I have seen RENT way too many times. My new favorite band is Sublime. I Love Saturday Night Live. My short term goal at the minute is to pass math for the year, so I dont repeat it. Math sucks bad. I am going to TO in April to see Luther in RENT. Luther Kicks ass. Any TO person, wanna rush with me? Email me!! Well go to maura's page for more info on me, she has got me down to a tee.
Measure Your Life in Love. Sarah

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Why I am Upset at the moment

  • Manley is Leaving
  • Sylvia is Leaving
  • Simone is leaving
  • Amy is leaving
  • Tim Cole is leaving
  • I am nt going to Chicago for the last show
  • Dan isn;t gonna be Mark.
  • 2 Good things: I am going to see Luther in TO and Christian got Roger!!!!!

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