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Queries on the 'West Wing'

Who was Donna's boyfriends, and what did they do to make her break up with them?

1. "Donald" -- The one that didn't call her! [#5 "The Crackpots and these Women]
2. "Dr. Freeride" -- (nameless) -- The one who stopped for a beer with his friends on his way to pick her up at the hospital after her car accident. [#40 "17 People]
3. "Todd" -- The one in "The Portland Trip", who was prety full of himself.
4. Cliff -- A former employee for the majority council on Ways and Means, and now working for House and Oversite, prosecuting the President, First Lady, and the Senior White House Staff. [#47 "Ways and Means"] And after #49 "War Crimes", they parted after she lied to a Congressional Committee.
5. Donna tells Josh that she's "kind of seeing" a lawyer. [#56 "The Two Bartlets"]

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