Barbara Vollick

Barbara Vollick of Chula Vista, CA, finally made it to the Hot Seat on January 22, 2003. Almost exactly one year earlier, she was in the Ring of Fire on the primetime show. She is a medical transcriber, a lover of all animals, and the mother of a teenage son, Lee. Let's play "Millionaire"!

Q1: $100

A baby grand is a type of what?

A: Apple

B: Piano

C: Cloud

D: Ten dollar bill

Barbara immediately says B.

A baby grand piano is good for $100.

Q2: $200

Founded in 1851, the Fruit of the Loom company is
best known for selling which of the following?

A: Underwear

B: Handbags

C: Shoes

D: Watches

Barbara says A.

Yes they do, and they used to have a factory right here in Frankfort, KY, for many years. $200.

Q3: $300

A famous folk song begins with the line
"If I had a" what?

A: Guitar

B: Jacket

C: Hammer

D: Wagon

Barbara sings the line and inserts the word "hammer".

She's right for $300.

Q4: $500

A pyromaniac is a person who has an irresistible
urge to do what?

A: Chase cars

B: Go shopping

C: Take off his clothes

D: Set fires

Barbara says D.

Yeah, pyro means "fire". $500.

Q5: $1,000 milestone

Neapolitan pizza is named after a city in what country?

A: France

B: Italy

C: Spain

D: Switzerland

Barbara picks B.

Yes, Neapolitan means "from Naples, Italy". $1,000! (fanfare plays)

Q6: $2,000

The "L" in the technology abbreviation "LCD"
stands for which of the following?

A: Low

B: Local

C: Liquid

D: Linear

Barbara thinks long and hard on this one, but decides to ask the audience.

The "L" in the technology abbreviation "LCD"
stands for which of the following?

A: 13%

B: 9%

C: 62%

D: 16%

She thought it was liquid, but needed to be sure. She will now make it final.

The audience is successful once again! $2,000.

I didn't need a lifeline here.

(horn) And that's it for today. We'll be back tomorrow to pick up the game.

Q7: $4,000

In a famous speech, who said "the only thing we
have to fear is fear itself"?

A: Mahatma Gandhi

B: John F. Kennedy

C: Martin Luther King, Jr.

D: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Barbara immediately says D. Final.


Q8: $8,000

In the 1984 movie "The Flamingo Kid", what type
of establishment is the El Flamingo?

A: Beach club

B: Car wash

C: Casino hotel

D: Drive-in movie theater

Barbara read a little about this movie a long time ago, but she has never seen it. She's gonna phone her friend, John. John narrows it down to beach club or casino hotel... more confident about beach club. It didn't help Barbara much, so she's gonna use her final lifeline. Guess what the 50:50 leaves.

In the 1984 movie "The Flamingo Kid", what type
of establishment is the El Flamingo?

A: Beach club

C: Casino hotel


Out of nowhere, she blurts "A, final answer."

It took two lifelines, but she got it for $8,000!

I never watched this movie, so I would've asked the audience.

Q9: $16,000

The value pi is required to calculate
which of the following?

A: Area of a trapezoid

B: Area of a triangle

C: Volume of a pyramid

D: Volume of a cone

Barbara knows that pi is used for circles and the only one of these shapes that resembles a circle is a cone... so she will go ahead and make D her final answer.

Yes, for $16,000!

Q10: $32,000 milestone

Names such as "Hudson seal" and "River mink" are
often used to help sell the fur of what animal?

A: Muskrat

B: Beaver

C: Chinchilla

D: Ermine

Barbara is between muskrat and beaver, as one would not normally expect either of their furs to be advertised. Once again, out of nowhere, she blurts "A, final answer".
She could have played it safe and walked with $16,000...
but the gamble got her $32,000! (fanfare plays)

This segment was heavily edited. Barbara spent several minutes talking about and mulling over all of the choices. At one point, taping actually stopped and EP Michael Davies stormed on to the set, demanding that she either give an answer or walk away within one minute or else he would discharge her from the game. This is why we see her blurting out a final answer.

Hey, Michael, blow it out your pompous arse. You're not the one sitting in the Hot Seat answering these damn questions.

As for me, I don't know dick about furs, so I would've had to use my PAF.

Q11: $64,000

Seabees are members of the U.S. Navy that
specialize in what task?

A: Breaking codes

B: Salvaging wrecks

C: Docking submarines

D: Building naval bases

Barbara eliminates D, but she really has no clue. She's gonna go with the least likely of the other three. She makes C, docking submarines, final.
Believe it or not, it was building naval bases. Barbara still goes home with $32,000.

I had no clue on this one. Even though I still had my 50:50, I would've guessed B and made it my final answer.