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Ansata Nile Nadir x Ansata Nile Lilleaa

Weanling Grey Straight Egyptian Colt, Will Stand 15.1hh
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WAR is a lovely little colt. He's very prancish at times, and loves strutting around. A constant halter winner, this guy is a little jewel. With his good Ansata breeding and Nile blood, he'll certainly have a future as a stud.
I'm not sure what we are going to train War in. He's very fast yet precise, so we've been considering western speed events. He's still young, but we'll be introducing him to different types of training next year to see what he prefers. His training is planned for the late part of his 3y/o season, so he'll be showing under saddle at 4.

Ansata Nile Nadir Ansata Sinan Prince Fa Moniet The Egyptian Prince
Fa Moniet
Ansata Nefara Ansata Halim Shah
Ansata Sudarra
Ansata Misty Nile Ansata Hejazi Ansata Halim Shah
Ansata Sudarra
Imperial Impress Ansata Imperial
Imperial Mistry
Ansata Nile Lilleaa Richter MH El Halimaar *Ansata Ibn Halima
RDM Maar Hala
Fasarra *Farazdac
Ansata Nawarra Prince Fa Moniet The Egyptian Prince
Fa Moniet
Ansata Bint Halima *Ansata Ibn Halima
Ansata Delilah

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