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My Piggies

Zilch "Little Boy"

August 16, 1998-March 22, 2001

Zilch was my very first piggy. He was the reason I ended up getting more. When I first got him, he was a very scared little guy. He slowly opened up to me. He would go up the stairs and into my room. He had a spot with a paper, a towel, and a toy, he could enjoy, in my room. He'd go to his spot and hang out with me for hours. He'd walk with me outside. I took him to the elementary school I volunteered at, in High School. He loved the kids. When I moved to Missouri, he rode on my lap the whole way. I used him in a satire project for school too. He was more than willing to allow that! He became ill and, despite two trips to the vet, passed away.

Domino "DomBug"-May 30, 2001-October 23, 2002

Rueben "Rueben Rat"-October 5, 2002-February 10, 2008

Domino was my second. I got him shortly after Zilch passed away. He rode on my shoulder the whole way home! I originally thought of calling him Spark but later, decided on Domino. He had my sister's rabbit, and my two ferrets to enjoy his time with. My mom also had two hamsters. I would bring all five to my room. It was crazy times, but Dom loved it too! I got Rueben for a friend for Domino, as we had moved out on our own and I no longer had my ferrets. Domino ended up with a tooth issue and an abscess and I had to put him to sleep. I got Rueben a couple weeks before I had to put Domino to sleep. He was a funny little boy, always had me laughing. He was also the first to have a mate and babies. He had four of them. He shared a cage with Ziggy, but would get to go outside and eat grass with all of the piggies. Shortly after Mohave died, Rueben started acting lethargic. I took him to the vet. He ended up passing away of heart failure.

Mohave "Mohavehog"-December 31, 2002-January 17, 2008

After I lost Domino, I got Mohave, as a mate for Rueben. She was my first female and I couldn't pass her up. I fell in love with her when I first saw her. The two got along great and ended up having four babies! (Baby, Drostan, Spot, and Ziggy). I kept all 6 of them. She was an awesome mother and loved to be out of her cage with the girls. She'd even run around with Rascal! She became ill and I put her to sleep a week later, when the symptoms came back. The vet said she was in the middle of passing away, but we did it to ease her pain.

Baby "Princess"

May 18, 2003-October 26, 2005

Baby was my favorite of the babies. She was super fluffy and loved to watch Harry Potter with me! Baby was an odd piggy. She had an extra toe on her back left foot. I gave the piggies some potatoes and onions one night, thinking they would be okay. I never thought to look it up and, later on, found they can cause gas and brain damage. This is what Baby passed away from, unfortunately. I feel terrible about her death and will always check with a vet first, when I give them any new foods!

Drostan "Big D"-May 18, 2003-October 26, 2008

ZigZag "Ziggy"-May 18, 2003-November 7, 2006

Drostan and Ziggy were my twins. Drostan was a very noisy piggy. Every time Baby would look at her she would scream! Ziggy was the only male of the litter. Drostan had a tooth issue as well and had to go monthly, to the vet, to get her teeth trimmed. My brother called me at work one night and told me she was laying on her side screaming. I came home as quickly as I could and held her until she passed away. Ziggy had a respiratory issue and I had to put him to sleep.

Spot "Miss Piggy"

May 18, 2003-November 24, 2009

Spot was my spokespiggy. She was the longest living of them all and of all the piggies I have had. She raised Little Pig and I was hoping she would get to help with Lily's litter but she passed away when I was out of town.

Little Pig "Pigpig"

November 2008-October 25, 2014

I got Little Pig (LP) for a friend for Spot. She got along with everyone and was a very happy piggy. She loved to popcorn and to "up" and "circle" for treats. She was also a VERY vocal piggy! She knew how to tell me when she's out of water/food or wants a treat!

Lily "Lily-bud"

October 19, 2009-June 27, 2012

I got Lily from a coworker who knew her previous owners. She came to me pregnant and ended up having 3 babies, the day I went out of town. I saw them and then had to go. Had someone else care for them until I returned home. I originally was keeping Lily and her daughter, Nestle, for my friend but once I found out she was going to have babies, I kept her here. I felt it was much quieter and she would not be as stressed out. I ended up keeping her, cause of course, I fell in love with her! She lived the rest of her life here, being loved and not having any more babies-she had at least 3 litters (that I know of) back to back before I got her.

Simba "Simba-boy"

November 20, 2009-September 7, 2012

Simba was the one baby (of Lily's) I kept. The other two went, along with Nestle, to my friend's house. Simba loved carrots and being out of his cage. He hated his cage! After I put him on felt, he loved it! He loved playing with Butterscotch, my cat. He was a big baby, but not afraid of anything. He loved to "give kisses" and going outside to eat grass, or just being out of his cage. He had an abscess show up that he bit open on his side. He was on medication for two weeks and we ended up deciding he needed surgery. We went thru with the surgery and he was also "fixed". It wasn't much more money to have him fixed and I wanted to put him in with Little Pig, as they are my last two. He had a very hard time falling asleep for the surgery and the vet had to use gas as well. He ended up not making it through the night. The vet checked him the next morning and found he had a tumor on his adrenal gland and it was huge. He also had a spot on his lung. I am glad I was with him and he never fully woke up from the anesthesia, so he wasn't in any pain, but he knew I was here with him.

Bunga (Named by a friend of mine!)

March 22, 2016

I got this piggy, after not having one for over a year. I found him and fell in love with him and was time to get another piggy! He's very vocal, like all my piggies! He absolutely LOVES being out, especially on the bed! I've found when I come home, I put him in his playpen so he can run around and he just has a blast!