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These piggies came to stay with us temporarily.

Nestle(2009) came along with her mom, Lily. She lived with us until Lily had her babies (Mosaic, Lightning, and Simba). Once they were old enough, Mosaic and Lightning, along with Nestle, went to live with a friend of mine. They came over to visit some and enjoyed eating grass outside with my piggies.

Little John was a rabbit some coworkers and I found and took in, along with another one. A coworker took the other and I found Little John a new home.

Donatello and Marble(2008) came from my sister. They loved to get out of the cage and play in my kitchen. My piggies would be in my living room and they'd squeal back and forth at each other. I found them a home together.

Hank(2005) was a cute little piggy I found that I was going to keep. Unfortunately, Rueben and Ziggy were not very nice to him and I couldn't cage him with the girls, so I figured it'd be better for him to go to a new home. He found a new home and a name with one of my coworkers.

I got Koda(2004) for a family I knew that wanted a piggy. I found him for free and brought him home, until they could come get him to take him to his new home.