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Sounds of Magic
Soft Poetry By Sand***
(Please do not copy without author's written consent)

Softly through the night air the sounds of magic ring
Circling through the heavens and back to earth again
The twinkling of the stars that float so high above
The crescent of the moon that's glowing bright with love

The darkness that surrounds me and covers me with warmth
Your arms that wrap around me and hold me to your heart
Kisses that remind me of angels in the air
Your hands touching gently against my soft hair

Two shadows in darkness that merge into one
To hold close forever like the moon and the sun
The colors of darkness enshroud us in time
You give me your heart and I give you mine


Sand writes the most magnificent poetry. If you would like to use
her poetry please email her for permission! Don't forget
the matching logo to link to her site!

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Legend Designz

Song Title "When Were Alone"
From the CD "Impressions-Soft Steps"

Used with Permission
Copyright 2001
Bill Sandy~Mystifying Music

Photo above by Artist Gilbert Williams

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