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Legislative Information :



1. KLEFP AMENDMENT - HOUSE BILL 369 - AN ACT relating to the Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund. Amend KRS 15.460 and 15.470 to provide that police officers receiving the KLEFP fund salary supplement shall continue to receive the supplement when called to active duty with the United States Armed Forces.

‎2. COLLECTIVE BARGINNING - SENATE BILL 156 - AN ACT relating to firefighters and police officers in second class cities. Create new sections of KRS Chapter 95 to provide collective bargaining for police officers and firefighters in a second class city.

3. CONSTABLES OFFICE - SENATE BILL 30 - AN ACT proposing to amend Section 99 of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to the office of Constable. Propose to amend Section 99 of the Constitution of Kentucky to abolish the office of Constable; submit to the voters of the Commonwealth for approval or disapproval.

‎4. KENTUCKY BLUE ALERT SYSTEM - SENATE BILL 32 - AN ACT creating the Kentucky Blue Alert System. Create new sections of KRS Chapter 16 to require the Department of Kentucky State Police to operate a Kentucky Blue Alert Network to provide public notification through the use of the news media and highway signs when a peace officer is killed or seriously injured, and an offender who is being sought has been identified; designate as the Trooper Jonathan K. Leonard Kentucky Blue Alert System Act.

5. POLICE OFFICER'S BILL OF RIGHTS - SENATE BILL 169 - AN ACT relating to police officers. Amend KRS 15.520 relating to complaints against police officers, to add the right to have counsel present for interrogation about alleged misconduct; expand notice of hearing from 72 hours to 10 days, exclusive of weekends and holidays; allow the officer to waive the within 60 day hearing requirement in 30 day increments; include possible default order, rehearing, certain back pay and benefits if hearing authority finds that any rights of the police officer have not been afforded; add requirement that police officer found guilty may bring an action in Circuit Court within 30 days of receipt of written findings; clarify reference to police officers to whom provisions apply.

6. SOME KRS LAW: Hours of work and annual leave for members of police department in cities of second class.

This is what the Bowling Green lawsuit is based on which was won in Warren Circuit Court and the city of Bowling Green has appealed the decision and the lawsuit is currently in the KY Court of Appeals. A win in the KY Court of Appeals will be HUGE for our city police dept due to the way Owensboros conducts payroll is identical to the way Bowling Green is doing it and according to a Warren County Circuit Court judge they are doing it illegally when it comes to compensation of paying straight pay for overtime when a vacation day(s) are taken during one's 40 hour work week. To include Federal Overtime. From our understanding, with a win in the KY Court of Appeals, a lawsuit can (and will be) filed for back pay which can go back as far as 5 years for all law enforcement officers. We will be watching this one closely and bring you more information as it becomes available.