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Cry For Them

Cry no tears
We have a home
Cry for the little children
Who are in this world
All alone

The children who walk around
With heads hung low
Dreading the days
Because there's no where to go

The children who have no
Place to take a bath
And hate going to school
Because other's will laugh

The children who are so hungry
And need to be fed
They smile for the outside world
But inside they are dead

The children who beg
For money on the street
Just so they can buy
Shoes for their feet

The children who cry
As nightime nears
Because sleeping in a alley
Is one of their biggest fears

So the next time
You want to cry
Over your woes
Instead cry for
The little children
Who have no home

Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt

July 9,2003
Midi "When Teardrops Fall" is
Used with permission
And is copyright 2001 Bruce DeBoer