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New Zealand Trip: Corriedales at Coldstream Stud

While I was in New Zealand I was lucky enough to be able to visit Coldstream Corriedale stud near Ashburton on the South Island. A few days before i visited, Coldstream had done very well at the Canterbury show in Christchurch. Their most exciting win was with their two year od ram who won the award of Best Fine Fleece in the entire sheep show.

below: the winning ram has his picture taken at home by Joe and Alastair Studholme

First place Corriedale fleece at the canterbury show (shown by Coldstream)

Ewe with twin lambs at the Canterbury show (shown by Coldstream).

In New Zealand the lambs are not shown in lamb classes. They are part of the entry with their mother and the judge likes to see a ewe with a good looking set of twins

Ewes with lambs

Another field with ewes and lambs.

In New Zealand everyone has a shearing shed but I never saw a barn for sheep. There are a lot of planted windbreaks where the ewes and lambs can find shelter. Fences all over New Zealand often are 2 or 3 strands of plain wire as there are no large predators.

The show animals waiting to be sheared

In the shearing shed: Alastair and Joe shearing the ram with the prize fleece

The sheared fleece on the skirting table

The skirted fleece: in 2005 this fleece WON the Golden Fleece competion for the best fine fleece in New Zealand!

Below:Running the yearlings rams in to work with them

Below: The yearling rams in the race

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