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Rooftop horizon. Sunset bounces like a pingpong ball. Surrounding you-- cloak of pink clouds in a field of Mellotrons. You sing along, intrigued by the daydream. Suddenly, raindrops from space-- ripples like tambourines. Stepping into a record shop, ringing register sparks your imagination. Poster on the wall (kaleidoscopic Kentucky pop group) melts into a mirror. Three faces contained in your image. You don't know who you are. In your ears-- bright strumming electrics (strings above magnetic coils). In your eyes-- dusk overtakes you (you cannot discern its mysteries). Inside your raincoat you find a plastic pocketwatch. It is chiming. Now is the time for the Ideal Free Distribution.


The makings of the Ideal Free Distribution came together in 1997 when Eric Griffy, Tony Miller, and Craig Morris decided to make some recordings in Erics’s bedroom of some of the primitive ramblings trapped in their heads. Often crude and amateurish, the songs nonetheless had a unique sound and vision that encouraged the boys to keep it up.

In a few months, the songs became respectable enough to play for others, and good enough to keep the group recording more material. As their maturity as songwriters grew, some of these new songs (about 50/50) were absolutely wonderful. However, since these new recordings were made in the boys’ tiny hometown of Benton, Kentucky, they would never see any release beyond that of compilation cassettes passed around to friends and family.

The advantage to this obscurity was that the band was able to learn to cull their weaker songs and focus their efforts on tunes that were worthwhile. The culmination of these developments began to appear in 2003 and 2004 as Eric, Tony, and Craig began writing material for their forthcoming LP. Robert Schneider of The Apples and Stereo heard and loved the demos for these new songs, and his enthusiasm has spread throughout the psychedelic underground who happened to hear them.

The new LP is full of impossibly catchy melodies sang by vocalist Tony Miller bathed in lush beds of guitars, strings, pounding drums, and Eric Griffy’s inventive, assertive bass work. Look for this release and the end of 2005 or early 2006.