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So you want to win one of my awards. It isn't hard to do. I'm not to picky.

First no porn sites, or links to porn sites! I absolutely will not give an award to a site of that nature!

Second pick the award of your choice.
I have awards for hunting sites, genealogy sites, recipe sites, for all sites. Just click on the different categories below, to see the awards I have to offer in that category. Then click back to come back to this page to fill out the form

Third fill out the form and send it with the url of your site. Make sure to list what award number you are applying for 1 hunting, 1 recipe, 1 any, etc. I will visit, and then send the award if I think your site deserves it. Which if you have put forth any effort at all I will.

Signing guestbook is not required but would be greatly appericated.

You may request the award for your own site or for someone else site. You may apply for more than one award. Just pick the award you want and send me an email below.

The awards will need to be uploaded to your server, webtver's will need to transload the award. I do request a link back to

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With this information
1. Name
2. Email Address
3. URL of your site
4. Which award and catergory you would like to recieve.

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