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Kim's Kountry Kitchen
Is taking on some changes
And hopefully improvements!
I am adding new recipes, (check out the cakes & misc.)
And changing the black background on the actual recipe page
to a white background, with black writing.
Hopefully for easier reading and easier printing
Should you want to print any of the recipes.
I'm not sure how long it will take to
get them all changed, but I am working on it.
Happy Cooking!!!

Hi! My name is Kim . Welcome to my Kitchen !
Grab a cup of coffee, and let me cut you a piece of this pie
Then we will sit down and go through my recipe box. Which is crammed full of my favorite recipes.
Be sure and try the Snow Cream , if you've never had it!
Or maybe you would like some Snowman Soup.
You will also find pages dedicated to my family (their favorites).
More being added on a regular basis, so please do come again.

Please be sure and sign my Guest Book while you are here.

Kim & Tony
Summer of 2002

Now let's get to the recipes!
After all that's what you came for.
Click on my recipe box to see them.
If you have a recipe that you would like to see here, email me.

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