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      Passenger List
      for the Confidence

Listed below are 4 different versions of the passenger list for the April, 1638 voyage of the ship Confidence. It appears there is some conflicting information regarding the date and the name of the Captain. It is my opinion, however, that the April 11th date is when the voyage received authorization or was registered and April 24th is the actual date the ship left port.

I also believe that the Captain's name of John Jobson was misread, possibly due to shoddy handwriting, and should have been Gibson. These are my opinions only, an interpretation which is open to discussion.

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pic of Confidence
Painting of the Confidence
from State Library of Queensland - John Oxley Library*

Captain John Gibson, April 11, 1638 Captain John Gibson, April 11 or 24, 1638
Captain John Gibson, April 24, 1638 Captain John Jobson, April 24, 1638

* http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:StateLibQld_1_121968_Confidence_(ship).jpg