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Just to get our bearings...
The maps on this page are included so family members can easily visualize where our ancestors came from. For instance, we know that Roger Eastman sailed to America from Southampton, England. But when you look at the 1610 map (which also happens to be his year of birth) you can easily tell why he sailed from that port by the proximity of Downton, his home town.

The ancestral village in England apparently was Charlton, a small village of Downton parish, about 6 miles south of Salisbury, Wiltshire. This area is near England's southern coast and is near the famous Stonehenge structures. The village name of Charlton was changed to Charlton-All-Saints in 1851 when the church was built.

Although our family originally settled in Massachusetts, many of them migrated north to New Hampshire in the 1700's. Haverhill, Salisbury, Littleton and Grafton County are places our ancestors lived, fought Indians, participated in the Revolutionary War, and gave birth to the huge family tree known as the Eastmans!

In time, I hope to pin point the now extinct towns of Sarachutes and Heckly, New York (1800's ancestors) and include them on this page. I believe they were originally in Oneida County but have been unable to verify this. The counties and towns were divided constantly into other townships and parrishes which makes a now non-existent town hard to trace.

I hope, by actually seeing where our ancestors lived, it will make them become more alive for us, instead of just a name in a dusty old book. In any case, the maps are really quite beautiful and well worth a look. Enjoy!