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Name Charles Edwin LOOMER
Birth Apr 13, 1834, Trenton, Oneida Co., New York
Death Jul 16, 1906, Westhope, North Dakota
Father Justin James LOOMER(1803-1875)
Mother Desire AUSTIN(1804-1889)
Marriage Mar 19, 1859
Spouse Sylvia Jane STEPHENS generation eleven
Birth Jun 5, 1843, New Hampshire*
Death Aug 18, 1925, Englevale, Ransom Co., North Dakota
Father John H. STEPHENS (1811-1874)
Mother Elvira Lucinda EASTMAN generation ten (1820-1879)
1 F Cora Elvina LOOMER(twin to Clara) generation twelve
Birth Nov 13, 1869, Syracuse, New York
Death Apr 18, 1956, Ransom Co., North Dakota
Spouse Jacob Lincoln BALLINGER
Notes for Sylvia Jane STEPHENS
*Source: Death Certificate.
Original D.A.R. (est. 1890) in our family. Traveled from Pennsylvania to Minnesota by covered wagon. Always known as "Little Grandma", she was so small that she had a rocking chair specially designed for her. She was about the size of a 10 year old and only weighed about 80 pounds.
Notes for Charles Edwin LOOMER
Other children:

>Charles Freddie, b. Jan 9, 1861, New York, d. June 13, 1877

>Sarah Jane, b. Oct 2, 1862, New York, d. Feb 7, 1958, Los Angeles, CA
....married James J. Welch-Stephens

>William Edwin, b. Nov 27, 1864, New York, d. 1935
....married 1) Edith Eagles 2) Edith R. Porter

>Clara Melvina, b. Nov 13, 1869 (twin to Cora Elvina), New York, d. Jan, 1937
....married 1) James Cauthorn 2) William L. Armstrong

>George Henry, b. Jan 6, 1873, New York, d. 1946/7
....married Hannah Johnson

>Mary (May) A., b. Apr 2, 1875, New York, d. age 4 weeks

>Charles Steven, b. Apr 28, 1882, New York, d. 1957 Canada
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