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25.11.1616 Agnes and George EASTMAN


24.11.1630 Agnes and Thomas Maior (Major)


20.9.1619 Als and Richard Biddlecombe


25.0.1616 Agnes and George Newman


12.6.1607 Dorothy and William Fry


19.1.1623 Elizabeth and John Barnet


21.10.1632 Elizabeth and John Noyes


2.11.1604 Johan and Richard Braishfield


28.7.1628 John EASTMAN and Margaret Newman


16.4.1655 John EASTMAN and Elizabeth Crooke


30.11.1620 Margaret and Syvester Michell


27.9.1639 Richard EASTMAN and Dorothy Thomas


20.7.1635 Johne Howse and Elizabeth


21.10.1634 Thomas EASTMAN and Als Saunders


8.2.1599 William EASTMAN and Elizabeth Kempe


21.1.1604 Yedith and Edmund Rose


2.5.1622 William EASTMAN and Joane Mageer ( Major)






2.1.1605 Anne d of Roger of Charleton


9.7.1625 Barbara wife of Nicholas


9.6.1635 Christine d of Jo:Eastman Jr,


4,10.1638 Cicely widow


30.12.1639 Dorothy w of Richard


12.5.1652 Dorothy. ffischer


27.10.1605 Edith w of William


11,4,1607 Edith sister of Nicholas


25.11.1619 Edith w of William of Weeke


30.3.1633 Edith wife of William sen.


10.1.1629 Elizabeth (probably and adult)


31.8.1623 Gryfith s of William


3.2.1604 Henry son of Roger


17.7.1629 Hugh


1631 Joane/Joice d of William


29.6.1655 Katharen w of John


16.1.1604 Margaret w of Roger


22.5.1630 Margaret


22.11.1636 Mary


21.3.1656 Rebecca w of Thomas Carpenter


7.11.1605 Richard s of William


28.12.1627 Richard s of Richard


17.2.1664 Roger


12.4.1610 Roger. gent of Charleton


4.11.1617 Thomas s of Jo: Eastman


20.5.1652 Thomas


13.4.1606 William s of William of Weeke


8.12.1640 William Senior


7.8.1644 William. ffischer


15.1.1645 William of Weeke


29.10.1651 William