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WHAT IT IS - explaining choices and consequences simply, clearly, calmly.
WHY WE DO IT - to help a person better understand their present circumstances and guide him/her toward constructive behaviors.

SETTING LIMITS A.) empowers the individual
B.) allows the person to save face
C. ) helps us to avoid physical confrontation IT IS A FIRST STEP IN TEACHING A PERSON TO SOLVE PROBLEMS.

WHEN WE DO IT - when an individual is unable to identify choices and consequences for him or herself, but may still be able to understand and utilize information when it is presented.

1. Acknowledge the persons feelings and point of view.
2. Ask for cooperation first (please/thank you).
3. What we say must be reasonable and enforceable.
4. Pay attention to nonverbals and paraverbals.
5. Focus on the positive.
6. What we say must be within the parameters of the agency's
policies and the individual's rights.
7. Assess whether or not the limits were heard and understood.
8. Allow time for the person to think and make a decision.
9. Follow through with consequences.
I 0. etc.


Verbal Intervention Tips


1. Remain calm
2. Isolate the situation
3. Enforce limits
4. Listen 4. Fake attention
5. Be aware of nonverbals
6. Be consistent


1. Overreact

2. Get in a power struggle

3. Make False Promises

4. Fake Attention

5. Be threatening

6. Use Jargon



Determine reinforcer preferences
Determine academic ability levels
Determine social interaction skills
Determine ability to remain on task
Determine group behavior
Monitor and limit contemporary determinants of inappropriate behavior such as having to wait, task length, task difficulty, peer involvement, etc.
Base seating arrangements on behavior
Base group involvement on behavior
Maintain teacher mobility in classroom
Maintain teachcr/student contact: visual, verbal, and physical
Use criteria for expectations based on observed behavior and performance
Use shaping, fading, and imitation procedures to gradually change behavior

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