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Welcome to Scarenet Stories. Scarenet allows users to submit stories and poetry concerning horror for other to view and praise (or criticize). Navigate the site using the menu at right. In the near future, a newsletter will be designed for the site. For information on the French and German versions of the site, contact Chrono68.

Disclaimer: This is not an evil site, but some of the stories contained within may have material inappropriate for younger Internet surfers. It is recommended that you be of at least 13 years of age to view or submit stories or artwork on this site.

Final version of site will not contain artwork, photography, or a Spanish version.


  • 9-17-00-Site created.
  • 1-8-01-Site production resumed. Hellraiser theme added. Poetry section added. Artwork, photography, and plans for a Spanish version of the site have been cancelled.
  • 2-18-01-Font of menu and logo changed. Plans for Spanish version of site renewed. Also plans for French and German versions. Hellraiser theme deleted. Age warning added.

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