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"Janine Rocks!" being pressed right now! ceck out news for more info.

Question Mark (?) Records is a small record label hailing from Louisville, KY with one goal in mind. This goal is to help fuse together the different genres of music and people across this country (or even across this world); and to bridge the gap between the many various unique musical artists working today. We work hard to bring different styles together and show people that it's alright to go a show where a "ska" band is playing with a "hardcore" band who is playing with a "freestyle rapper" who's playing in a "funk" band. We will do our best to help promote all sorts of creative outlets and casts of individuality through out the world of music. This doesn't limit us to support just recordings such as CD's, records, or tapes. We will try to support whatever cause we feel is artistic, refreshing, or just plain awesome.

***Shows in Louisville***

Scallywagon, Second Chance (NJ, Diyrection Records)Emanuel Nice, GoBot7.
Radcliff Ky, Email for directions.
July 21st, 7pm, $5$

Bitchin (gainesville Fl, No Idea Records), The Scrubs (cincinnati, OH), Scallywagon, one TBA
Pandamonium Arcade
August 17th, 6pm, $5$

Lawrence Arms (Asian Man Records), The Wunder Years (NorCal), Lanemeyer (Too Hep Records), Emanuel Nice, GoBot7
Pandamonium Arcade
September 5th, 6pm, $5$

The new site is being worked on rigt now, this is the very last update for this old piece o' crap.Thanks for bearing with us. The new site will be www.
? Records Team