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PASA Homepage

"Helping Solve the Puzzle of Autism"

April is Autism Awareness Month!

Welcome to the web page for the Purchase Area Chapter of the Autism Society of America! Click around and explore to find out more about the group, it's mission, join the newsletter, and a lot more.

The Purchase Area Chapter of the Autism Society of America is a nonprofit, tax-exempt association of parents, professionals and other concerned community members dedicated to the education and welfare of children and adults with autism and related disorders of communication and behavior.

Purchase Area Chapter of the Autism Society of America
"Helping Solve the Puzzle of Autism"

Purchase Area Chapter of the Autism Society of America
P.O. Box 8462
Paducah, KY


To educate the general public about autism.
To serve as a support group for parents and professionals.
To obtain better services for the citizens of the Purchase Area affected by autism.
To provide information to parents and professionals regarding the diagnosis, education and treatment of persons with autism.


Meetings are to take place the second Monday night of alternate months. Contact one of the above numbers to confirm the date, location, and topic of the next meeting.


Membership is open to any interested person. The only requirement for full membership is to be a current member of the Autism Society of America. There are no local dues, however donations are always welcome.


Autism is a severely incapacitating life-long developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life. Autism is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain. Autism Spectrum Disorders are believed to occur in approximately 1 out of every 500 births and knows no racial, social or ethnic boundaries.


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