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More Flower Frogs....

Here are some of the flower frogs that share space on our bookshelves with some of our books. While my husband and I don't actually "collect" books, we have quite a few. I usually buy southern fiction (especially books published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill), and my husband buys mostly textbooks (math, physics, chemistry, etc). We both read quite a bit and love having our books around us. When we moved here about 3 years ago we had over 80 boxes filled with books. The moving guys weren't too happy.

Top Shelf Frogs - above pic

These are some of the metal ones that I have along with some depression glass, pottery and a box type frog. The "pin cushion" ones in the box are from Japan and are in their original boxes.

Lower Shelf Frogs - above

More metal frogs mostly. The "cage" ones are similar to the ones I first saw in Martha Stewart Living. There are also more "pin cushion" types - you have to be careful around these they are very sharp! Also some depression glass ones which are pretty common. The "black" one is actually black amethyst - you can see the purple color when you hold it up to the light.

Pottery/Wire Frog

Here's a frog I bought when I was in Arizona last month. The pottery vase was made in England and I'm assuming that the wire frog was also. The sides of the vase have designs that look like grass blades. There is another view of this flower frog on my page with my favorite links click here for that page or to go to the next page and view some of my mystery items click here