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Flower Frogs and other Favorites

Welcome to my site. I became interested in flower frogs in May of 1999 and within 5 months I had a collection of over 100. My Aunt Elizabeth has always been a collector. When I was younger it was thimbles, then bells, next pineapples, then Old World Christmas ornaments and most recently paperweights. While searching for my contribution to her latest craze I decided *I* wanted to start my own collection. It took me awhile to decide on just what I would collect. Since I live in an apartment it would have to be something that didn't take up a lot of space. I didn't want to have to invest a lot of money to get started so it had to be relatively inexpensive. Finally, I wanted to collect something that was unique and maybe a little "funky." Along comes Martha Stewart, (the magazine, not the person) with a small article with pictures on her assortment of flower frogs. I then began searching for them in the 20+ local antique stores and found that while they are not rare, they are certainly not plentiful. Fulfilling all the criteria's of my collection requirements, I decided to became a flower frog collector. After quickly exhausting the supply of the local antique stores, I finally ventured into EBAY and began a bidding frenzy. It's been less than a year and I have amassed over 100. I've slowed down a bit and become a little more selective but I am now, finally, a collector of something.

If you would like to know more about what flower frogs are, including some history, here is a good article written by Bonnie Bull. Bonnie has been commissioned to write a book on flower frogs. I have a link to her home page on my links page.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I've posted of a few of my flower frogs over the next few pages. You'll notice, I'm running out of space to display my little treasures. Guess we'll have to buy a house soon...

Powder Room Frogs

Here's some of my colorful frogs. I painted a garage sale shelf blue and added flowers to match the shower curtain so that I could get another layer of frogs on the vanity. Most of these are depression glass with a few pottery ones thrown in if the color matched the "decor".

Frogs on display

I painted and hung these shelves recently to get some of my frogs off the kitchen table and stuck behind others on various bookshelves. That's a Laurel Burch plate displayed with them.

Frogs,turtles a swan, duck and fish

These have become my favorites. I love the animal shaped frogs. The little yellow fish actually fits in a small round bowl of the same color, but didn't show up as well for the picture.

click here for more flower frogs

Please e-mail me with any comments or suggestions marybeth

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