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Do those flying objects at your lights at night annoy you?
Try taking a closer look sometime and you may see beauty you can't believe. Just the names of them alone will fascinate you. Trying to put a name on them though can be quite frustrating, so if you see something I have identified wrong, please email me.

Sphinx or Hawk Moths

Carolina Sphinx
Manduca sexta
subfamily Sphinginae

Five Spotted Hawk moth
Manduca quinquemaculata
subfamily Sphinginae

Small Eyed Sphinx moth
Paonias myops
subfamily Sphinginae

Huckleberry Sphinx moth
Paonias astylus
subfamily Sphinginae

Virginia Creeper Sphinx or Hog Sphinx
Darapsa myron
subfamily Macroglossinae

Nessus Sphinx
Amphion floridensis
subfamily Macroglossinae

Hummingbird Clearwing Moth
Hemaris thysbe
subfamily Macroglossinae

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