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Hello..thanks for visiting my friendship quilt
If you'd like to add to the quilt, please do so!
Just right click on the empty sqaure/save as is

Add your decors, email it to me~Bonita~
Along with your your URL to your site
Please do not change the color of the square
Nor the size 150 by 150
It will offset the quilt
That's all it is to it! Thanks~

Because of great response, I have made a
2nd Friendship Quilt! So if you dont
see yours here,please click below
~My Special Friendship Quilt 2~
~My Special Friendship Quilt 3~
~My Special Friendship Quilt 4~
~My Special Friendship Quilt 5~
For fasting loading time for you!

~My Special Friends Index~
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