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Help To Download Images, Copy Source Code
and Link to Eve's Graphics Gallery

Help to Download Images

If you are a first-time web page builder, you need to make a new file in a directory on your computer to store your web graphics.  An example is --- make a new folder entitled "Webgraphics."  My file is in the "Documents" folder on the C Drive. ---C:/Documents/Webgraphics.

Using Internet Explorer, to copy and save a graphic image, right click on the image.  A menu window appears and you click on "save as..." or "save picture as..." In the new menu, navigate to the directory and file you have made to store your graphics.  Click on your new file name and then click on "Save." You're done.

To copy a background image, right click on clear space (without images or text) on the full-sized page background.  If you are not using Internet Explorer, I'm sorry I can't help you.  Just use your browser's Help for internet copying.

How to Copy Source Code

The fastest way for a beginner to build a web page is to copy and paste the "Source Code" of a web page designed the way you like.  To copy the source code, right click on the background of the web page and select "View Source" on the popup menu.  Copy and then paste the code to a new file or a new web page, or.... I like to copy to a "New Message" email and send it to myself.  When it arrives in my mailbox I can print it and study how to change it for my new web page.  I insert my own image file titles and text and delete what I don't need.  Another way to copy and save source code is to click on the "File" box of the source code window, then save it to your documents folder on your hard drive.

Many times the source code will contain a lot of advertising code made by a free host server (like Angelfire.)  It is usually in the "Head" section of the code. This kind of code needs to be deleted.

Most graphics sites expect source code to be copied.  If a webmaster does not wish you to copy the code, a stop on copying can be made or a written notice can be posted.  You are certainly welcome to copy any of my source code from any page.  Good Luck!

Provide a Link to Eve's Graphics Gallery

If you have used a Gallery graphic and need to link back to us, or you just wish to link with us, you can copy and paste the code below. Replace the "filename.jpg," width and height numbers with those of your image.  Or you can type "Eve's Graphics Gallery" in place of the image code.

An image link:

<a href="">
<img src="filename.jpg" width="200" height="144" border="0">

A title link:

<a href="">
Eve's Graphics Gallery

If I can be of further service to you, please email me.