Digital art is a fantastic media.   It includes painting with brush cursors,  layering collages and special effects.   Plus, there is always the "undo" button.   Preparing this exhibit has been hard work,  but  tons of fun.   As new images and techniques appear on my digital canvas, I will exchange these art pieces with new ones.  I hold the copyrights to my work, but you may use the exhibit's images in personal web pages if you credit the work to me and link back to this site.

You navigate the exhibit by clicking on the "Enter" button above.  This takes you to the Site Map where you can choose picture thumbnails to see the larger images.  Use your browser's "back" button, or you can click on links at the bottom of each page to go back to the Site Map or this Home page.

I hope you enjoy the exhibit and I wish You,  my Guest,  would send me an email.  Thank you very much for visiting.  I hope you send this page to others and that you return often.

 Enjoy!   Eve

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The Auras of Eve

Bryce 6.1
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