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Regal Dancer

This is the Regal Dancer. It's a Grand National turned into a Regal. its got 4 #260 mabuchi motors, 4 spring back toggle switches, professional t-sliders from Hoppin Hydros, custom built styrene chassis, gold Mc's from Pegasus Hobbies along with whitewall tires, its painted transparent candy grape pearl over a silver metalflake basecoat (has a lot of small flake which can be seen really good when under light) the paint also appears different shades of red/pink/maroon depending on the amount of light its under, its got tinted windows (no back window because the car doesnt perform as well with one in), i have the hood and its painted the same color as the car (its not on it because the car doesnt perform as well with it on either), i foiled the headlight buckets and bumper trim, i got most of the parts that came with the kit (headlights, turn signal lenses, etc. which aren't in the car because i figured they'd come back out and get lost from the dancing and flipping). its got a showtime hydraulics logo on the front windshield, a decal on the bottom of the chassis that reads "Built To Roll" and has "" below it. the car flips over sideways (see movie entitled "Flip It!". it also dances insanely. i wired the motors so there's one motor to each wheel which really gets this thing off with a fully charged 9.6 volt r/c battery. please view the pics and videos of it. NOW FOR SALE!!! GET IT WHILE YOU CAN. ONLY $50 INCLUDING SHIPPING/HANDLING AND INSURANCE! THIS ONE WONT LAST LONG!!!
Flip It!
Front Hop
Back Hop
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