Sgt. Edward L. Vanderpool
My Brother died saving a life!
I would like to know who he saved !
My brother Sergeant Edward L. Vanderpool, of the United States Army
Company C, 1st Battalion (Airborne)(Airmobile), 12th Cavlary,
Was killed in action on Christmas Eve December 24, 1968.
ON December 24th while serving as a squad leader with Company C,
1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry during a patrol near Song Be, Republic of Vietnam.
When his unit became heavily engaged with a large enemy force and sustained a casualty, Sergeant Vanderpool
exposed himself to the intense hostile fire as he moved to a forward
fighting position to evacuate the injured soldier.
Although successful in his efforts, Sergeant Vanderpool was mortally wounded.
Through his efforts the life of a fellow comrade was saved.

Sergeant Edward L. Vanderpool was the son of Dallas and Reva Vanderpool
of Beattyville, Kentucky.

If you or any one you know can help me in my quest
I would like to find out who was saved on that fateful day!
please email me using the address below.

Thank you sincerely
email a_jg@hotmail.com
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