Middlesborough History
Lincoln Memorial University

If you copy large numbers of these photographs onto another web site, please provide a link back to my page and credit those who have provided these photographs. There are decades of work here from the countless photographers and collectors who preserved these as recent as a few years ago to a over a century ago.

LMU Grant Lee Hall: The Old Four Seasons Hotel Sanitorium

LMU Harrow School Postcard

LMU AA Meyers and Mrs. Meyers

LMU Carnegie Library

LMU Vocational Agriculture Truck & Students



LMU May Day Celebration

LMU Campus Creamery

LMU Democrat Hollow

LMU Watts Hotel & Alexander A. Arthur Extreme Right

LMU Duke Hall

LMU Early Campus Drive

LMU Carnegie Library

LMU Old Campus

LMU Old Labs

LMU: The Conservatory & The Former Arthur Home

LMU Stone Tower

LMU Campus


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